American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Partnership

New FMPhA Member Benefits in Partnership with A4M

FMPhA Members now enjoy the follow benefits with Annual or Premium Membership:

  • Discounted registration for December World Congress and April Spring Congress
  • Save $750 (25%) off each fellowship module ($1,500 vs regular price $2,250)

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine offers educational modules which are good towards Fellowship or Certification. At FMPhA, we especially like A4M for

  • Compounding pharmacists – there is a large number of A4M pharmacist members that specialize in areas such as hormones.
  • Anti-aging, longevity, and even geriatric pharmacists – our entire human race is living longer but not necessarily healthier. Pharmacist deprescribing and interventions to assist our aging population will be crucial over the next 20-30 years.
  • Energy Medicine – Devices that modulate the energy fields abound, and on a cellular level, they are affecting our mitochondria which impact all aspects of health.

At the World Congress meeting in December, you will find dozens of compounding pharmacies in the exhibit hall. There are also specific educational tracks for compounding. Top pharmacists like Sahar Swidan, Jim LaValle, and Nayan Patel are frequent presenters.

What’s the difference in Anti-Aging Medicine and Functional Medicine?
AAM is typically focused on the ‘biohacking’ lifestyle, metabolic health, hormones, stem cells, peptide therapies, IV treatments, dermatology, and longevity. In a sense, you may have health-conscious patients wanting be even healthier! A4M definitely incorporates general functional medicine concepts into its teachings, but it is not in a structured format like a “Matrix” or “Map” as seen in other functional medicine training programs. Instead, A4M uses the concept of “Triads” to teach the interconnectedness of systems such as adrenals-thyroid-pancreas, gut-immune-brain, cardiopulmonary-neuro-vascular, liver-lymph-kidney, and estrogen-progesterone-testosterone systems.
Contrast this with FM, which is focused on reversing the root causes of chronic disease, and thus, tends to attract more complex or “sick” patients (autoimmune, gut issues, hormone issues, environmental illnesses, etc.) who may have seen multiple doctors or specialists before finally discovering functional medicine.

The A4M Fellowship Options: 

The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine has  been educating health care professionals in this area of medicine for over 30 years.
Our faculty are the experts in Integrative and Functional Medicine and fully prepare you to start treating the root causes of symptoms, through a systems biology approach  rooted in preventive, proactive, and patient-centered care.  FAAMFM trains medical professionals to effectively navigate complex interactions within interconnected biological systems. Supported by the latest and most advanced science, fellows are equipped to administer strategic clinical solutions geared towards positive clinical outcomes.
The Fellowship in Anti-aging Metabolic Medicine requires a total of 5 modules. The Advanced Fellowship in Anti-aging Metabolic, Functional Medicine requires 8 modules. The modules can be completed online (on demand) or in person in a classroom setting. Continuing education credits are awarded for all modules except the Clinical Module V.
Here is the link for the Fellowship program information:
Here is the Fellowship brochure and 2023 A4M event-module calendar:

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