Functional Medicine
​Pharmacists Alliance

Integrating Pharmacists into Functional Medicine, and Functional Medicine into Pharmacy.

Founded in 2017, FMPhA is the premier organization for functional medicine pharmacists.
Pharmacists know a “pill for every ill” isn’t the answer to the chronic disease epidemic. Functional Medicine is the solution, and pharmacists are perfectly positioned to help patients and practitioners treat the root causes of disease and restore their health.

Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance

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Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance

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Functional Medicine is the Future, here today

Whether you’ve been practicing for years, or are just discovering Functional Medicine, come join our alliance of pharmacists on the front lines of the movement. Here’s a sneak peak of our Find A Pharmacist Member Directory.

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the future of medicine, but it’s here now. In a broken healthcare system centered around disease, FM is a new paradigm shift. It seeks the root cause of illness and restores optimal health for the individual patient.

How can Pharmacists help?

Pharmacists have been proven to be invaluable members of the health care team by improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

How FMPhA can help you

FMPhA isn’t just the first professional organization for pharmacists in functional medicine; it’s a multi-stakeholder alliance.


Learn more about FM, how to get trained,​and how to integrate it into your practice setting.


Learn what a Functional Medicine Pharmacist can do as part of your multi-disciplinary care team.


Find a Functional Medicine Pharmacist near you. Or, invite your local pharmacist to FMPhA!

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Functional Medicine is the Future, here today

Functional Medicine is growing exponentially, both in the number of providers and the number of patients. Why? Because it really works. Just take a look at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.
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