Intro To Functional Medicine

introduction to functional medicine

The most common question we receive at FMPhA is “What is Functional Medicine?” followed closely by How Do I Practice Functional Pharmacy? and Which Certification Should I Do? and How Can I Find Free Trainings?

Below is a sample training from our Educational Library that defines Functional Medicine and further describes several options for integrating it into pharmacy practice, presented by FMPhA Founder, Lauren Castle. This video is just 1 of over 12+ hours of curated functional medicine education that is included in FMPhA Membership.

Additionally, FMPhA Members can earn CE credit through our partner Functional Medicine CE, with our exclusive 20% discount.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to become a member of FMPhA today or join the Functional Medicine Pharmacist Bootcamp course to start your practice and receive monthly support for a full year to help you build your own functional medicine practice!

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If you want to learn more about implementing functional medicine in your pharmacy practice, sign up to get our free Functional Medicine Pharmacist Checklist! Whether you’re new to functional medicine or you’ve been practicing for years, this Checklist will give you tools to enhance your practice and help patients improve their health.

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