Free Functional Medicine Education Resources

In addition to our most common questions of “What is Functional Medicine and How do I practice it?” and “How do I get certified in Functional Medicine?” our third most common question is “How do I find FREE training in functional medicine?”

Here’s our ever growing list of FREE functional medicine training resources (by Alphabetical Order):

  1. Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Resource Guide
  2. Big Boost Marketing Functional Medicine Marketing Training
  3. Bryan Walsh Functional Medicine Mini Course
  4. Chris Kresser Health Solutions Library
  5. Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine Grand Rounds (33 videos)
  6. Doctor’s Data Labs Webinars
  7. Emerson Ecologics: Supplements & Practice Management 
  8. Evolution of Medicine Functional Forum Archive
  9. EvoMed Virtual Practice Pivot Program
  10. EvoMed Practice Accelerator Free Class
  11. FullScript Supplements Education Library 
  12. IFM’s Intro to Functional Medicine (1 hour)
  13. IFM’s Intro to Functional Nutrition (1 hour)
  14. Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center Live Webinars
  15. Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center Archived Webinars
  16. Kalish Institute Free Trainings
  17. Kara Fitzgerald Monthly Teach In
  18. Kara Fitzgerald Sponsored Trainings
  19. Precision Analytical (DUTCH) Webinars
  20. Rupa Health’s Free Webinars
  21. SAFM’s 4 Webinar Series on Root Causes of Disease (4 hours)
  22. SAFM’s Facebook Live Trainings
  23. SAFM Clinical Tips Blog
  24. Spectracell Labs Webinars
  25. ZRT Labs Webinars

Check back periodically for updates to this list!
Know of a resource that you’d like to see included? Share it with us via our Contact form.

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