Functional Medicine Pharmacist Bootcamp FMPhB™ On Demand

Join FMPhB™ at anytime, work at your own pace, and get live monthly support!
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Want to start a functional medicine practice but don’t know where to begin?

???? We’ll take the guesswork out and get you going with simple steps in the right order.

Confused by all the options out there for certifications?

???? We’ll direct you to the right clinical training for you and give you the business foundations you need.

Nervous about investing tens of thousands of dollars in more training only to get a less than stellar return on investment?

???? We’ll show you how to get started with a minimum viable product (MVP) so you can begin with little to no money down and scale as you grow.


FMPhB™️ is a self-paced, easy-to-digest course that distills 7 years of research into a turnkey formula that guides pharmacists on their first steps into functional medicine.


Join Now for only $497 and get one year of FMPhA Membership Included!


When does FMPhB start and what’s the deadline to enroll?
FMPhB is now an on-demand, evergreen course! You can enroll anytime and work at your own pace. You will have instant access to all of the self-paced FMPhB™️ modules when you enroll. 

How long to I get access to the materials?
You will get instant access and maintain access to the course for one year. After the initial year is up, you will have the option to continue access to join our FMPhB Alumni community so long as you maintain FMPhA Membership! (Note: Those who purchased Lifetime Membership will keep lifetime access!)

Do I need to have anything prepared to take this course?
Absolutely not! This course is for beginners as well as those with an existing business who would like to re-evaluate and improve their functional medicine services or offers. It’s also for anyone who would like ongoing monthly support and accountability!


“I signed up for FMPhB because of a promo that FMPhA was running for lifetime membership. I honestly did not expect to get a lot of substance from the bootcamp. I was surprised when Lauren started the sessions- they were so valuable & full of information that was all new to me. I took tons of notes and really began to formulate where I wanted to go in my career. She compiled & clearly communicated years of her own trial and error to give us guideposts. I do not think I would have had the bandwidth to work through so much on my own before I even began launching my business. I am so grateful that I took this course, it has propelled me to a place I never expected.”  – Jen Belew

“I highly recommend FMPhB to those who have a lot of questions about what a Pharmacist can do in the Functional Medicine space before investing tons of money on any course or a masters degree. Lauren has a lot of valuable information. The live Q&A is a must for me and watch the replay of the rest if you don’t have enough time to sit through the entire class.” – Jasmin

“FMPhB is a great course to get someone started with functional medicine in pharmacy. It was helpful in getting a business plan created and gives a person a lot of good tools they can use as they are getting started.” – Danielle

 “I felt empowered to take steps towards fine tuning my practice idea and turn it into a reality as far as setup goes. That was a big accomplishment.” – FMPhB Alumni

Join Now for only $497 and get one year of FMPhA Membership Included!