One of the most common questions we hear from pharmacists is “I am interested in Functional Medicine, but how do I actually launch a virtual or telehealth practice?” There is a spectrum of ways to practice Functional Medicine as a Pharmacist. In community pharmacy, you can integrate these principles into patient counseling or MTM. In an independent pharmacy, you can create cash based consulting programs or packages. In an ambulatory care setting or a physicians office, you can see patients as part of their visits and utilize incident to billing or collaborative practice agreements. You can perform point of care testing or order more advanced functional medicine labs through certain companies, subject to state laws or by utilizing a collaborating physician to sign off on orders. The are so many opportunities to choose from!

For many pharmacists, the idea of a virtual practice sounds amazing, but when you consider the nuts and bolts of getting started, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. How do you start a business, build a website, find a HIPAA compliant platform, sign up to order labs and supplements, and feel confident that you are practicing within your scope? How do you market yourself through emails and social media and online advertising to get patients to sign up with you? How do you determine pricing and get paid? And if you do finally get your first patient, how do you start actually apply a Functional Medicine approach in your consultations?

If all of that sounds overwhelming, you aren’t alone! Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and that’s okay! Instead of going at it all on your own, how does it sound to join a team of pharmacists using an all-in-one online platform that removes all the overhead? That’s exactly why FMPhA partner Melody Hartzler set out to create PharmToTable.

With PharmToTable, pharmacists can see patients online using the Azova platform in the states they are licensed in, with the goal to have at least one pharmacist in every state! Lab tests are ordered via an on-staff physician so there is no worry about issues with state scope of practice, and the supplement dispensary is already set up. Patients can find a pharmacist in their state using the Meet the Team page.

You can learn more about the PharmToTable Team in this webinar: Learn More About PharmToTable Team- Clinicians


If this sounds like your ideal practice, you can register to participate in the monthly Q&A sessions about the team to ask any additional questions, or if you know this is the right choice for you, apply to Join the PharmToTable Team.

If you are just interested in using the Azova platform to practice independently online without joining the PharmToTable team, you can Join the Marketplace instead, which offers: Online booking for Functional Medicine, Medication Optimization/Disease State Management, Diabetes Consultations, and Group Medical visits. See patients via video, secure messaging, or in office. Work from anywhere at anytime to complete online visits and generate revenue. Get paid $35-$185 per visit.

  • Paid telemedicine programs
  • Patients sent to you through the marketplace
  • Telemedicine clinic links for your website and social media
  • HIPAA Secure Messaging
  • Secure MessageRx ePrescribing
  • Collaborative Charting
  • Inbound and Outbound Quick Referrals
  • Free Secure Record Sharing
  • Quick Chart Online Forms and pre appointment assessments

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Melody.

We hope that this invitation to join PharmToTable or Marketplace can help you take your first step in practicing functional medicine!

In Health,

Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS
Founder & CEO, FMPhA

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