4/2/18 Zoom Recap!

Hello all!
On 4/2/18, I held an impromptu Zoom meeting to update our membership on the state of FMPhA, nearly 8 months after the initial launch! I intended to record the meeting, but due to technical difficulties, I had to log in through my phone, so unfortunately I was not able to record it. But, here is a recap of what we covered. I will plan to host another call in May! In the meantime, if you have feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below to continue the discussion, or use the contact page to send a private message! Thanks for all of your support! We are growing and we are making progress!

Zoom Call Notes – Update from Lauren:
Where have we been? Macinac Island for the Michigan Pharmacists Association Symposium in August, Atlanta for the Pharmacy Symposium sponsored by OrthoMolecular Products in September, Detroit for the MPA Annual Convention in February, Nashville for the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting in March, and San Diego for the IFM AFMCP training in March! Lots of connections were made and FMPhA helped give FM Pharmacists a voice in these organizations!

FMPhA by the numbers: 399 Newsletter Subscribers, 299 Site Members Registered, 145 Pharmacists in the RPH-only Facebook group, and 43 Directory Requests!

What’s up with the Directory? Right now, the directory is a plain webpage with info copied and pasted into the member cards. It is manual update process and it isn’t very interactive, and it is a bit behind on being updated for this reason. I am considering migrating the entire website over to a more membership-focused platform. The pros: it would allow for individuals to log in and manage their own directory listing! The cons: it does cost more than the current website, so we would need to charge a small fee for improved functionality. So, what are your thoughts?! What functions would you be willing to pay membership dues for to support FMPhA, and at what membership price?

Next steps: As FMPhA moves from a grassroots growth stage, I want to be sure that we are providing value for your membership. Our primary focuses are: 1. Education/Training 2. Advocacy 3. Community/Network 4. Resources/Partnerships. However, all of these things require time and funding, which brings us to our next steps. Can you volunteer your time or donate to FMPhA? If so, what do you think is the most valuable product or service that FMPhA can provide? How would you like to help or be involved? Comment below or send us a message in the Contact page!

Amy S: Yes to advocacy and education. Consider making the directory RPH only to keep it most valuable.
Harry J: FM RPH fall into three main buckets; Novice (just learning about FM), Educated (understand FM but learning how to implement), and Advanced (already practicing FM with success.) How can we serve each level? Can we set up a membership database by different skill level to facilitate networking?
Michelle C: Naturopathic Doctor from Australia; wants to partner and know how we can work together to share diverse background experiences and different treatment approaches?
Xenia M: How can we set up a Mentorship program for experience practitioners to be paired with new practitioners who are trying to build and implement their own practice?
Sandra A: How do we provide FM as RPH and get reimbursed for it? Cash pay vs insurance vs MTM/CMR vs. CCM vs. incident-to billing vs supplement sales?

That’s all for the call notes! Please submit your feedback! I will be reaching out to those individuals who clearly have a passion to help FMPhA fulfill its mission so that we can take action and move to the next level!

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