2022 A4M World Congress

FMPhA is please to renew our partnership with A4M for World Congress 2022! FMPhA Members will continue to enjoy the follow benefits with A4M:

  • $100 off A4M Allied Health Membership
  • 50% off registration for December World Congress and April Spring Congress (both ACPE CE accredited) ($247.50 vs $495 A4M allied member price)
  • $750 off each fellowship module (only $1,500 vs regular price $2,250)
  • 3 scholarships to attend World Congress 2022 (need-based scholarship is defined as otherwise not able to attend without a free ticket; ticket does not include travel or hotel. Scholarships will be given on a first come, first served basis. To apply, contact us and with your response to “How will this A4M scholarship help you?“)

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine offers educational modules which are good towards Fellowship or Certification. At FMPhA, we especially like A4M for compounding pharmacists, since there is a large number of pharmacist members that specialize in areas such as hormones, which can be a key tool in the anti-aging realm. At the World Congress meeting in December, you will find dozens of compounding pharmacies in the exhibit hall. There are also specific educational tracks for compounding. Top pharmacists like Sahar Swidan, Jim LaValle, and Nayan Patel are frequent presenters.

A4M World Congress LongevityFest: Dec. 9-11, 2022 at the Venetian, Las Vegas

This year’s annual World Congress in Anti-Aging Medicine will be extraordinary in many ways, as we celebrate our past while building on the foundation of 30 years of excellence. The World Congress agenda will celebrate 30 years of medical education innovation and deliver the latest knowledge tailored to the modern medical practice and practitioner. That’s not all – the conference schedule will feature a wide range of exciting complementary activities, learning opportunities, and networking events.

As we seek to further extend longevity, how can we simultaneously help patients live longer and delay age-related health issues? To explore this key question, the World Congress will bring together physicians, researchers and scientists from a variety of fields including genetics, biology of aging, endocrinology, clinical psychology, physiology, and more.

To learn more, visit https://www.a4m.com/longevity-fest-2022.html

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