School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) Info

The School of Applied Functional Medicine SAFM Functional Medicine Training Program is an ~ 2.5 year program (standard track; can range from 1.5-5 years) geared towards advanced Functional Medicine practitioners. Previously, SAFM offered standalone 101 and 202 semesters, as well as individual Deep Dive courses, however; in 2020, is was converted to a comprehensive certification program only. Thus, this is not an introductory program for those new to functional medicine. 

It is for those who are ready to: 

  • Grow your practice
  • Dramatically improve patient/client outcomes
  • Looking for  heightened confidence in assessment of “dis-ease”
  • Learn more about functional medicine science and testing
  • Attain a deep understanding of additional “applied” instruction
  • Connect with  a community of like minded practitioners

You can receive the most affordable “Early-Bird” pricing if you sign up for the waitlist.

By applying TODAY, your Deep Dive learning experience in Functional Medicine know-how doesn’t have to wait. Secure your spot in the SAFM Functional Medicine Training Program and earn these additional Bonuses:

  • Free ALL-NEW BONUS: 2 LIVE Pre-Semester Open Q&A Webinars
  • Immediate access  to the Q&A Treasure Chest with hundreds of posts that you can immediately use to support your client/patient work! 

SAFM is offering an opportunity to learn more about the SAFM Functional Medicine Training Program, and if it might be the right fit for you.  There are two sessions, one is with Tracy Harrison, Founder and Lead Educator herself, a Live session where you can have questions answered.  The other opportunity is connecting live with SAFM Graduates to learn how they are using the SAFM education in their practice.  You can register here for the next session, in which you can join live or receive a recording of the session(s). Learn more here.

Who is SAFM not for:

  • Practitioners who are brand new to Functional Medicine
  • Those who want to just dabble in Functional Medicine
  • Those who have not yet experienced the SAFM teaching style through the available free content

Even if you aren’t quite ready to sign up for the SAFM program, you can still benefit from a multitude of Tracy’s of totally free resources! Here are informational resources below to get started on your SAFM journey today!

  1. Functional Medicine Fundamentals for Practitioners: A powerful, pearl-packed four-webinar training series on practicing through the functional medicine lens. This will teach you the basic principles of functional medicine.
  2. Conquering Constipation Mini Clinical Course: In this mini course, Tracy reveals 15 possible and powerful causes of constipation and new pearls for you in assessment and remedy, so you can help bring Rapid Relief and Root Cause Resolution to your clients and patients.
  3. Headaches Mini Clinical CourseUse this mini course to get acquainted with SAFM’s course design and teaching style. Tracy explores the fundamentals of pain perception, headache typology, the most common contributing root causes, exacerbating disease dynamics, and noteworthy pearls for savvy assessment and remedy.
  4. Medication Mayhem for Practitioners: explore nutrient depletions, interconnected side effects, and downstream consequences of NSAIDs, OCPs, PPIs, and more.
  5. Supplement Myths and Truths for Practitioners: Learn about delivery modes, side effects, labwork, and more.
  6. What Functional Practitioners are Missing Most Often: Explore top patterns of disease dynamics, managing medications, understanding symptoms, and how to read optimal lab values.

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