Start Your Holistic Herbal Practice

Start Your Holistic Herbal Practice

Like most pharmacists, you may have only had one lecture in pharmacy school about herbal supplements. If you were lucky, you may have had an elective. (I so regret not taking my school’s herbal elective! They even had an herb garden planted next to the pharmacy building!) Thus, for many pharmacists beginning their functional medicine journey, knowledge of supplements, particularly herbal supplements, may be limited and additional study needed.

There are many great resources to start expanding your knowledge of herbal supplements, but nothing can substitute for an immersive experience with an expert guide. Whenever anyone has an herbal question in the Functional Medicine Pharmacists group on Facebook, Dr. Marina Buksov is the first person we think to ask! That is why we are excited to work with Marina on offering a $400 discount for FMPhA Members to her new program: Start Your Holistic Herbal Practice.

Who is this Course For?
• This program is for medical professionals who want to start a holistic wellness business that incorporates plant medicine. It will give you the basic knowledge and understanding on how to procure and use herbs, how they interact within the body, and how to incorporate them into a holistic wellness routine for yourself and your clients. In addition, it will teach you the steps of setting up your business structure and gain the confidence and clarity to run it!

What Do You Get?
• Weekly education, action steps, and group calls with like-minded peers and professionals
• Each week get access to a pre-recorded and live lecture
• Hour-long calls each week with group to discuss lecture and answer questions
• Jump start your holistic wellness biz with mentorship, education and support from peers!
• Weekly calls with mastermind group, 1 hour each
• Get paired with accountability partner to complete assignments each week, to keep you on track with goals

• Get a surprise guest in the pharmacy/herbal business
• Other Special Bonuses to come!

If you are interested in signing up, book a discovery call with Marina today, as this live program starts 2/1/21! Be sure to mention that you are an FMPhA member to receive the $400 off (active membership status will be verified before program enrollment). If you are not yet an FMPhA member, click here to join today!  (Membership pays for itself if you take advantage of Marina’s offer!)


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