Vibility x FMPhA Partnership

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Tuesday 9/19 at 6pm ET, FMPha held a special webinar about an exciting opportunity that we are collaborating on with our friend James Maskell to revolutionize the practice of Functional Pharmacy using a new platform called Vibility.

When you’re a pharmacist who’s working to implement a functional medicine approach, it often feels like you wear lot of hats… from clinician, to marketing, to business, to health coach, to data analyst… it can get overwhelming! And unfortunately, those practices that don’t have systems set up to support patients from beginning to end will often struggle or even fail, both as a business and in seeing improved patient outcomes.

In the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Bootcamp, we spend a whole lesson talking about care delivery models including:

• 1-on-1 appointments, group visits, and 1-to-many models such as online courses…

• Along with all the practice settings such as independent pharmacy, collaborative practice with other practitioners, or being a consultant pharmacist solopreneur…

• All of these choices can come with challenges around scalability, time investment, technology set-up, patient experience, and more…

But what if there was an all-in-one platform that could make your life easier as the practitioner, no matter which practice setting you choose, with data-driven solutions and education content designed for health and wellness providers to help you rapidly accelerate your revenue, influence, and patient results without lifting a finger?

This is what we are excited to share with you, so be sure to watch the Zoom call recording to hear all about Vibility.

To get started with this cutting edge platform that is sure to transform the practice of functional medicine in pharmacy, click here to book a call with the Vibility team and be sure to list FMPhA in the “Where did you hear about us?” field as this will enable us to further partner with Vibility to track pharmacist-led improvements in clinical outcomes and provide additional support to pharmacists who sign up on the platform!

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